10 things I’m loving now

1. The watercolor paintings of Kate Schelter art
2. Anything oushak, just bought a vintage runner for my kitchen and I’m in love.
3. Perricone MD No Mascara Mascara, I have zero lashes and this stuff makes even mine look thicker and longer.
4. Mercedes Salazar EarringsOne of each, please.
5. These shoes from J. Crew have me thinking Spring.
6. Burl Wood anything, but especially this dresser and cute decorative boxes.
7. Margarita Missoni’s line for pottery barn kids
8. Amaro Nonino. had this Italian herbal liquor while we were in Park City and it was so yummy… think of it as a winter St. Germaine.
9. Josef Frank wallpaper – The colors! The patterns! Swoon!
10. All the tulle seen on Spring runways, especially those frocks above by Victor and Rolf.

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A Little Fringe’ll Do Ya


Seems like all I’ve been wearing lately are tops with jeans. I realize that must be boring for you all, so I’m spicing it up (relatively speaking) with this fringe detail tweed sweater. I paired it with a genuine pleather shirt, light colored to showcase the sweater detail, but pretty sure this would work with leather leggings or jeans for a casual night out too.


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Truth hurts


You know that saying, “The best mirror is an old friend”? Well, I’m here to tell you it’s the truth. Because when I first wore this bomber jacket last Fall, my girlfriends ridiculed me to no end. I got everything from “You look like you should be serving sushi” to “Did you just leave the boxing ring?” to “Hi Mr. Miyagi.” Since there is nothing I like more than a good, honest opinion, my night was made.  And well, they did have a point. That night I wore this jacket with distressed denim, a white tee and sneakers. This time I opted for the skirt/sneaker option (…wonder if those gals like it any better now? Hmm…)

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Think Spring with Lilla P.


St. Louis readers, you’re going to want to hear this! Paisley Boutique, in Webster Grove, is having a Lilla P. trunk show, now until Feb. 15th. If you’ve never heard of the brand, think mostly solid colors, high quality basics, wardrobe staples, with some prints and fashion-y pieces mixed in. The fabric is super soft and the fit and details are top notch — this isn’t your average Gap t-shirt. And judging from other Lilla P. items I own, they withstand the test of time.

So if you’ve never been to a trunk show, or this trunk show before, here’s the gist:

  • You shop the whole line, like everything Lilla P. is offering for Spring.  It’s a great selection. Most samples are a small or medium, but the staff will fit you to make sure you order the perfect size.
  • You receive your clothes when the items are made and shipped from the warehouse. So if you pick a top that isn’t available until March, you get it in March. You know exactly when pieces are available while you’re shopping, so just have to plan your buying accordingly. In other words, don’t buy that perfect sundress for Spring break if it isn’t available until April!
  • Pay a 50% deposit now and the rest when your items arrive. Which, in my convoluted mind, kind of means everything is half off…

Sooooo, here are some of my favorites and what you’ll be seeing me in come Spring:

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back to basics

Sometimes you don’t need to reinvent the wheel getting dressed in the morning. Simple classic silhouettes in basic patterns will do. Cue this striped merino sweater with button detail at the neck.  My sweater (… from a store I don’t normally even enter because it screams lawn party) is shoppable below and I’ve thrown in some other oddly similar options for you, too.  Pair with a red accessory and get ready to board the preppy train!


Sweater // Jeans // Bag (similar) // Sunnies

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knee Cleave, it’s a thing


My latest pair of Joe’s Jeans look as though I’ve just won a knife fight. A knife fight or just walked out of Nordstrom’s, where I snagged the latest in distressed denim. Jagged hems, ripped knees, frayed waists, slits galore, they’ve got it all. Joe (my husband) thinks I’m crazy wearing clothes that appear used before I’ve even walked out of the store, but to me they are a fashion must. Sassy, edgy and for a fleeting instant make me feel more like my twenty year-old urban self as opposed to the suburban thirty-something mom of three that I have become. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. 

But finding that perfect pair of distressed denim is way easier than it sounds. The jeans are too long and you’re out of luck. Those frayed, step-hem bottoms can’t be hemmed– you’d be better off just taking scissors to them yourself (which, I’m sorry, but if I’m spending $#@! on jeans, I’m sure as hell not lifting a finger to make them the right length). Then, the holes! Too low and they just show off that ugly, wrinkly spot below your knee and too high, they hit the fatty part right above. Too small, and it looks like your jeans are actually old and worn, and with holes too large I feel like Selena Gomez in her Good for You video. Which brings me to this photo, of my own knee, while watching said children on said suburban playground last week.


This, my friends, if what I’ve taken to calling knee cleave. A little known side effect of distressed denim, remember that you heard it here first. Cleavage on your knee, as created by threadbare jeans. It happens when I stand up too, so don’t think I’m exaggerating. Flesh oozing out between the threads scattered across my knee.  I am sure the entire jean is too tight, but you can only really notice it because the distressing gives your skin a place to escape.

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Get the Look – Sketch

I came across this chair for sale at Urban Outfitters the other day and thought, “Not sure I’d put that in my house, but it sure does remind me of Sketch.” You might not know it by name, but you do by sight:


It’s London’s most photogenic restaurant, whose pink interior, plush seating and minimalist art make it a treat for the eyes, as well as the taste buds. Conceived by a Parisian Chef and an English restauranteur in 2002,  Sketch is actually five restaurants and bars that are spread across two floors of a converted 18-th century building in London’s Mayfair. The pink one above, that is the darling of Instagram, is technically called “The Gallery.”

Apparently the food is good, but to me, the interior design is where it’s at. India Mahdavi is the decorator and her love of color and whimsical furnishings are apparent everywhere throughout this destination for food, music, and art.  Some of her other projects are here:


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all’s good with this hood


This was originally going to be a post about hoodies – how I love layering them under bombers, blazers, and moto jackets lately. Woven, knit, patterned, solid- there are a ton of great choices out there. I opted for this Ivy Park sleeveless number because the bulkiness of some of the hoodies with sleeves didn’t fit under my trim-fitting jackets.

But instead, I noticed that the green moto jacket I’m wearing is on sale for $59. Not that it was very expensive to begin with, but $59 is ridiculous. So buy it now… after all, with the Presidential Inauguration tomorrow, this might be your last chance to buy some cheap, made-in-China, imported pleather.

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Home sweet sale

Who says after Christmas sales have to be limited to clothing? Yes, there are a ton of great clothes on sale after the holiday, but I’ve been loving all the home stuff that is, too. Specifically, (and the impetus for this post) I came across that Ro Sham Beaux Malibu chandelier on sale (30% off!) and could hardly believe my eyes. Then I saw that gold flatware, Lulu and Georgia rug, little brass planter, record player …. and well, you get the picture. All on sale! So, without further adieu, a look into my virtual shopping cart.


Chandelier // Side Table // Mirror // Bowl

Rug // Planter // Record Player

Flatware // Art // Bench // Pillow

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New Year, New Me?


It’s a family tradition to make New Years Resolution’s for each other. Yes, it sometimes gets a little ugly, but… well, truth hurts. This year, my resolution, as recommended by my kids, is to “stop texting on your phone.” Which means that after my families suggested resolution of 2014, “Make more time for yourself,”  the pendulum must have swung too far. And my kids have a point.

It’s become a really bad habit and complete time suck that often looks a little like this: I check my e-mail and notice a new sale at J. Crew. Then I proceed to scroll through all 47 pages of mobile phone sized product to see if there is anything I need. Er, want. I’ll inevitably put a few things in my cart and never check out. It happens more than I care to admit and is an incredible waste of time. So for the last few weeks, I’ve taken to just leaving my phone behind when going places. Yes, kind of risky in this era of always being available, but I think it’s the only way to get me away from my screen. I have very little discipline, so if it’s there, I’ll look.

So that’s for my kids, and these are some resolutions I’m making for myself in 2017:

Make decisions faster. Or just make a decision at all. I think and think about something for weeks, months, and hem and haw and debate and discuss and then never come to a decision! We’re not talking about big life changing decisions here. It’s replacing the rug in our kitchen, what vacuum to buy, what I should make for dinner. You get the idea. It is also a major time suck. Decide and move on, Caradise!

Drink more water. I know the adage goes that you often eat when you are really only thirsty. I know I do this. Some days, I go right from coffee to wine, never sipping any clear liquid.

Stop biting my inner lip. It’s a horrible habit that I do when nervous or relaxed. It makes a goofy sound that drives my husband crazy, gives me a headache, and I’m pretty sure is causing premature wrinkles above my lip.

Have a party. Like, at my house. With just adults.

Create photo albums for my kids. I have roughly one million photos saved to the cloud, but zero printed out for my kids to see. When they stumble upon an old photo album (mostly just filled with pictures of my oldest) the kids love looking thru it. This is an overwhelming project, but not hard. I just have to make the time to do it.

What are your resolutions this year? Do you even make them? LMK, I’d love to hear and maybe add yours to my list!

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