Packing Prep

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 We leave for Michigan on Saturday so it’s time to start packing. Above are some pictures of my prep. And below are some packing tips that I’ve gathered along the way… mostly for the sake of my husband, ever since he forgot to pack pants to wear to his own rehearsal dinner. True.

1. Check your destination’s weather! (might seem obvious, but I am notorious for forgetting to do this)

2. Bring pieces that can be mixed and matched – white and black tanks and tee’s are packing “musts” no matter where I’m going.

3. Create lots of outfits around basic pieces- in my case, white jeans and blue jeans.

4. Ensure you have shoes that are comfy and can work double duty…no one (at least in my family) has room to pack a different pair of shoes for each outfit (see my black dv ankle strap sandals above- very versatile).

5. Lay out clothes a few nights before your trip so that you can review choices and swap anything if necessary.

6. Specifically think thru any special events you will attend or attractions you will visit while away. Make sure you have all necessary pieces for those – jewelry and the right bra are easy to leave behind.

7. Surf Spray and sunblock so that hair and skin are vacation ready too!


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