Meet: St. Germain

If you haven’t met already, you’ll thank me later for this introduction. Reader, meet St. Germain. I’ve been obsessed with this elderflower liquor all summer.  It’s fragrant, sweet flavor is a welcome addition to any drink (and the cool looking bottle doesn’t hurt a bit).  St. Germaine is made from the elderflower, a tiny star- shaped white flower that blooms for six short weeks every spring in the alps of France (feeling fancy yet?). While always popular in Europe, the elderflower as “ingredient” is making its way across the ocean- predominately in the form of this liquor. You can’t miss St. Germain on a cocktail menu – its taste livens up any drink, but not all are easy to make at home. That’s why the recipe below is a keeper. Refreshing, yummy, and only three ingredients, so it won’t break the bank. Although I should point out that a bottle of St. Germain will set you back ~$32.

Germ 7

Germ 4

Germ 3

Bichon Frise

1 part St. Germain

1 part Vodka

2 parts Grapefruit Juice

Lemon for garnish

Scan 1

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