Concert and Picnic Anyone?

One of our favorite things to do on a summer evening is to find local outdoor concerts. Pack a picnic dinner, some cold beers and a blanket and you have the recipe for a perfect night. Sometimes we pick up a fried chicken dinner from our grocery store, but on nights when it’s too hot to eat hot food (we do live in St. Louis after all) there’s nothing like fresh fruit and salad. Last night I made my go-to Curry Egg Salad. Scoop into mini pita pockets add tomato and you have the perfect summer dinner for little hands. Then, the best part: coming home to a clean kitchen. Priceless!




p.s. And don’t even get me started on the seedless-but-not-really watermelon. My kids wouldn’t even go near it. And to think that’s all I knew as a kid. #champaignproblems

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