Putting your Best (coffee table) Forward

Your coffee table is the centerpiece of your house. Think of it and all the things on it as your house’s resume. Is it cluttered? Sparse? Colorful? Unique? Vintage? I like to think mine is somewhere in between and exudes the style and class of the houses owner!




Above are some photos of my coffee table, found for a bargain at I.O. Metro last year. When we got the new table it presented some issues with accessorizing: a) there were two levels to work with, therefore more space to fill (or not fill?) b) it was a square whereas my previous table was a circle and c) the glass lets you see from one layer to the next, so both levels need to work together.

I ended up finding a white claw-foot bowl at Anthropologie (here) and using it as a vase. The flowers are fake, but can easily be swapped in for the real deal when guests come over. Choosing coral flowers was intentional, as it brings in the coral curtains from my adjacent dining room and matches my books on the bottom. The bottom is a collection of books I had scattered throughout my house and a glass vase (here) that I filled with some moss.  Finally, I added a brass rhino accent to tie in the brass coffee table. I understand everyone has a different canvas to work with, but below are some tips that I find helpful when starting to accessorize this important spot in your house!

  • Add something green- to save money for the every day, use dried branches, flowers or good fake flowers.
  • Create visual interest by adding layers (maybe a magnifying glass on top of your stack of books or a simple box next to a tall stack of books).
  • Choose books! They are an accessible coffee table go-to. They add color, are reasonably priced, and give guests something to look at while you mix them a cocktail!
  • Be cognizant of other colors in your room and accessorize your table to draw those in or compliment them.
  • And most importantly, make it look like you didn’t give this whole table too much thought. Don’t be too symmetric or organized and choose items that look like they’ve been amassed from your years of traveling the globe (easier said than done, right?).
  • Remember, these things don’t all have to be purchased. I am sure that if you look in unexpected places you have things lying around your house (an old mirror, a serving tray, a tiny jewelry box) that could be used to accessorize a coffee table.

Happy arranging!

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