Kit + Ace (didn’t really Ace it)

Has anyone been to the new Kit + Ace on Euclid yet? It’s the new store from the family that brought us Lululemon – the son and wife of founder Chip Wilson, to be exact. This time instead of Luon, it’s a type of technical cashmere fabric that’s also washable. It’s more dressy than sporty and will still set you back about $100 per shirt. This special fabric (from what I saw) is being used to make basic tops in basic colors. Put it this way: Eileen Fisher seems exciting next to this place. Sure there was some ruching and contrast venting, but nothing I couldn’t find at Madewell or Banana Republic last season. In Kit’s defense, I am a color and print girl, so this sea of muted solids gave me a bit of anxiety. Also, they’re opening another store in Frontenac that will supposedly stock more diverse offerings, like something to wear on the bottom, perhaps? Next time I’m at Frontenac I’ll stop in…that is… if I don’t first find what I’m looking for at Madewell or Banana Republic.




(This last image is the Minneapolis Kit + Ace store, courtesy of the Star Tribune, but I felt representative of product offering in St. Louis store.)

Check it out for yourself and tell me what you think…

Scan 1

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