Reporting from the Jungle

There’s no escaping them! Palm prints are everywhere. Did you catch palm fever and buy something? I restrained, but barely. I LOVE these prints in home decor. The settee below? Swoon. Ditto for that pillow and wallpaper. Add some pink accents and you are in Caradise. The revival of these palm leaves reminds me of Easters spent at the Greenbrier as a kid– the mecca of over-sized botanical prints and bold colors, designed by Dorothy Draper in her heyday. Those images stuck with me and are likely responsible for my love of print and color to this day. But as much I like these leaves for the home, there’s something about the very same print in clothing that makes me feel a bit like a succulent. So I’m going to pass for now on the palm print apparel…but if that skirt goes on sale, I just might turn it into some napkins.

Tropical Final

Clockwise from top left:

Topshop Jumpsuit // Martinique Wallpaper // Pillow // Phone Case // Skirt // Settee

Scan 1

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