How I do… red, white and blue

Given it’s Labor Day, this is the closest thing I’ve got to a patriotic outfit. I wear this Yumi Kim jumpsuit 9 months of the year– when it gets cold, I throw a black blazer on top. Mine is from last season, but she has similar ones on her website right now. I’ve picked some of my favorites below. Many also come in a romper (or shorts) version, but if you know me, you know I don’t show my knees (they’re just ugly, not a phobia or religious thing) so you won’t find me in those anytime soon.

Hope you have a wonderful Labor Day.




Other Yumi Kim favorites:

Yumi 3        Yumi 2   Yumi 1

Kimberly Jumper //  Nicole Jumper // Daffney Jumper //

Scan 1

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