Does this post bring you joy?

If you’ve stepped outside your house in the last month, you know about the book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Japanese organizational guru Marie Kondo. The gist (for those of you who live in a cave) is that if a possession doesn’t bring you “joy,” then toss. Reading this book has left all my friends with bare closets, a warm glow and ten pounds thinner. Maybe a mild exaggeration. “So what does this have to do with the graffiti wall, Cara?” Well, the dress I wore (see below) had been lying on my floor in the “No Joy” pile ready to donate. No, I have not read the book but through osmosis- or maybe guilt – have jumped on the Kondo bandwagon. However, Monday morning I picked up the very dress and it suddenly brought joy, lots of joy! What better color to wear? A white dress would be perfect! So, what I’m trying to say, is either read the book and toss your shit or write a blog and start using it.





3 thoughts on “Does this post bring you joy?

  1. Brooke says:

    Your blog brings me joy! I’m ordering this book today. There is way too much joyless shit in my house. Ps I had no clue about the graffiti wall (and several other things you’ve posted) so thanks for keeping me in the loop!


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