Shopping Rent the Runway

Last weekend in Las Vegas I checked out Rent the Runway’s store. It’s one of 4 brick and mortar stores in the Runway arsenal– a retailer mainly known for it’s online presence. The concept, in case you are unfamiliar: rent a designer dress for a fraction of the price it would cost you to buy, keep 4 or 8 days, return. Easy. You can also rent handbags, jewelry, sunglasses, the list goes on. Prices average from $40- $90 depending on the designer and type of dress you are borrowing. Although I did see a Stella McCartney jumpsuit for $275 to rent (but said jumpsuit also retails for almost $2,000, so guess it’s all relative).

Without further ado (and at the risk of losing readers), below are the dresses I tried on:

Rent the Runway 1 Rent the Runway2

What do you think? My strategy: why rent a dress you would buy? No LBD’s for me. I was going big or going home. Is that everyone’s take or just mine?

The end result:

I didn’t rent either. The Moschino (left) didn’t have my size in stock (maybe a blessing in disguise?) and the Clover Canyon (right) was very similar to the Clover Canyon dress I packed in my suitcase. So I saved my $40 for the slot machines. But would I go back? You bet.

Scan 1

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