What I learned in (visiting a) college

I learned a few things last weekend when we went to Columbia for the Mizzou football game:

  1. The co-ed uniform is cowboy boots, thigh grazing black jumper or dress, and long, long hair. Repeat ~15,000 times and you have Missouri’s undergrad class.
  2. If you make a Bloody Mary, but swap out vodka for Tequila, you have yourself a Bloody Maria. So if you managed to make it through college without developing a huge aversion to tequila, add this cocktail to your brunch lineup.
  3. Nothing will make you feel older than walking down fraternity row with a sweatshirt tied around your waist, camera across your body, and tennis shoes on. That’s why I had to up my game for dinner and put on this trendy fringe top I found on the Fashion Lane truck. Although I’m sure if I really wanted to fit in, I’d have scrapped the jeans underneath.



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