Shelf Life

A friend recently asked me to help her shop for things to “fill” the built-ins in her den. The assignment took us to a slew of antique stores and inevitably, Anthropologie, where we got the job done. Tread carefully, because bookshelves can either bring interest to your room; turn into a sad, stark space; OR just gather junk (and thereby dust). Finding a happy medium is key. Below are some items that I found along our search that can stylish-ly take up space on any shelf.  I especially love the Say it with Book Covers. These line the shelves in my house and turn ordinary books into stacks of fun sayings and quotes. Or what about the Books by the Foot that come in a ton of different color schemes? So cool. But don’t tell your husband because if he’s anything like mine, he’ll think it’s a great idea to order them in his school colors… stripes of blue and gold books lining our den? I die.

Bookshelf Final

Clockwise from top left:

Bookends // Sun Decor // Say it With Book Covers // Globe // Succulents // Books by the Foot // Painting

p.s. Are you wondering about that framed picture I threw in? Well, if your shelf space is very large and overwhelming think about hanging art on the outside of the shelf to take up space and add dimension. Good luck. Show me what you come up with!

Scan 1

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