Riddle Me This:

What’s the difference between pleather and vegan leather?

Answer: Price!

… As I (unfortunately) discovered while visiting Fauxgerty last week. The vegan clothing brand is designed and owned by St. Louisian, Chrissy Fogerty, then manufactured by seamstresses in New York and Chicago. The brand has been in existence for about 2 years, but the store is their first stand alone boutique, joining an existing wholesale facility in New York. The store in St. Louis’ Central West End has white walls and a chic minimalist vibe that will have you thinking for a split second you’re wandering thru SOHO. There are vegan bags by designer Matt + Nat, rose scented body sprays, dainty gold jewelry, and knits littered with words like “Herbivore.” But the real stand out is their outerwear. All made out of vegan leather, the jackets are very thick and rich looking. There’s great attention to detail- with printed lining, cool zippers, pulls, and belts. Many are only made in a run of 10-15, so no worries that you’ll be caught in a Bitch-Stole-My-Look moment. Some of the hand painted jackets are actually one of a kind. The red jacket I tried on fit like a glove, making it even more depressing when I read the $549 price tag. Call me crazy, but for now I’m sticking with the black pleather numba I bought at Zara….pleather quality, but also pleather price.






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