Prints Not-so-Charming

(Warning: the pictures below contain graphic images that might be disturbing to some.)

I know. This outfit is awful. Terrible. I look like drapery gone awry, your grandma’s couch, Jimmy Fallon’s pocket dial… you fill in the blank. But I was so excited when I saw the “printed set” idea on runways and magazines for Fall, I just had to try. Because in my book, more print = more better. I think it’s the print, the fit, the silhouette…everything about my set misses. Has anyone tried this look and succeeded? If so, please upload a picture and share (not even sure my blog is capable of accepting photos, but try anyway).

Sorry, you won’t find links as to where to buy, because two people need not make this mistake.

Some I like better:

1 // 2 // 3

Have a good weekend!

Scan 1

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