death by blanket scarf

If I see one more blanket scarf this season, I am going to smother myself with it. They are everywhere. Everywhere. Stores, streets, social media. I think I’m the only gal in town without one.  ~$25 dollars, big and plaid, I guess the idea is that you need all that material to keep yourself extra warm? …What ever happened to a coat? Why stores are embracing and advertising them like they are the most unique, fashionable gift I don’t know. These things are a step above a Snuggie in my mind and pretty sure Walmart was the only one who boasted having those.

I actually saw one store demonstrate how to wrap the scarf and then unwrap it to lay on the floor and use as a blanket. You know…in case you’re waiting to cross the street and the light is too long, you might want to throw a blanket down on the sidewalk and wait. Or if all the tables at Starbucks are taken…voila! Unwrap your scarf and sip that latte on the floor. I tried one on and (from what you could even see of me) I looked like I was wearing my grandma’s old throw.  And because you know this blog is uber trendy and always fashion forward, I’ll let you in on next years top trend: the quilt scarf. Bigger, bolder, and badder than anything you’ve ever seen before. Just don’t forget you heard it here first.

Photo credit clockwise from top left: 1, 2, 3.

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