Curated by Moi

Last week I recieved an e-mail from 1st Dibs saying that they enjoyed my post on Frances Valentine and was I aware of the furniture collection that Kate and Andy Spade had recently curated for them. They thought my readers might be interested. So naturally, I asked if they had told their readers about Caradise, as I thought their readers might find my site interesting too. I kid. But the exchange did get me thinking about what I’d include in my “curated” collection for 1st Dibs. Stuff I like, but that doesn’t have to fit into my house, color scheme or budget. So without further adieu:

1st Dibs Final

Chandelier // XOXO // Art // Flowers // Chest // String Lights // Lamp // Rug // Bachelor Chests // Curtain Rod // Sconce // Tray

(On the bottom left is a curtain rod from a company I am obsessed with: LuxHoldUps. They make everything from banisters to curtain rods to luggage racks – all out of lucite.  And as for that Lindsey Adelman chandelier at top left? It will set you back about the cost of your car, but there are some impeccable lookalikes on eBay for pennies on the dollar, just FYI.)

Oh, and here is the stuff Kate and Andy curated for 1st Dibs, in case you were wondering!Scan 1

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