Wall Ball: the event, not the game

There is an event here in St. Louis that is held annually to benefit Artscope, a children’s art studio in Tower Grove Park. Artscope’s goal is to make art education accessible to all in a safe and educational environment. If you live in town and have kids, check out their website because they have some really cool classes. Their event, Wall Ball , is equally cool. It is in its 14th year and this year they raised over $30,o00. Thirty-six local artists participated. Essentially, the artists create their pieces, while patrons watch and bid on their work in a silent-auction type format.

It was held at a new event space in Maplewood, called Majorette . Tickets were sold in advance and at the door. Artists lined the perimeter, both upstairs and down. It was festive…there was a bar, appetizers were passed and a DJ played tunes. The variety of artists was remarkable. There were painters, printers, jewelry makers, even a woman making a stain glass window.

Wall Ball 1

Wall Ball 7

Majorette, both levels filled with art.

Wall Ball 4

Me, wearing 3-D glasses (necessary to view one of the pieces)

For a gal who was recently on a search for local art, Wall Ball was a goldmine. It accomplished in one evening what weeks worth of searching Etsy, local university art departments and galleries could not. I found a slew of talented, local artists. Below are the websites and work from a few of my favorites from the evening:

Peter Manion / Zack Smithey

Jay Babcock / Ash Forrest

Scan 1


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