Culottes, this is goodbye

I’ve bought at least 4 pairs of culottes in the last year. You know this pant – cinched at the waist with a billowy leg that ends anywhere from a few inches above the ankle to a few below the knee. Call them what you will – gauchos, culottes, cropped palazzos, these are everywhere for spring. I’d bought an Alice and Olivia pair, some from Trina Turk, one from Topshop. And now, these from the Who What Wear collection at Target. Well, 4 pairs bought and 4 pairs returned. And I’m finally going on the record to say I’m done. I give up.  I can’t get them to work. I think I am too short, too curvy and maybe too sensible (why bother with these when I can just wear a skirt?).

In case I thought I was alone in this battle, there was a photo on Instagram a few weeks ago of a blogger who was pretty much crucified for her outfit, which…you  guessed it…involved culottes. See below. Said gal was taller, skinnier and younger than yours truly and in my opinion looked more than fine, but the comments would tell you otherwise. “The proportions are all wrong”; “Aren’t her calves cold?”; “This is the ugliest outfit I have ever seen”…just the tip of the iceberg.

Culotte 1Image courtesy : What Alex Wears

All I’m saying is that if SHE can’t make them work, then I sure as hell can’t. If you’re feeling adventurous, below are mine. And they are priced right ($29.99) considering it’s something you might never wear. I’m no expert, but think they should be paired with a bootie and fitted shirt- nothing baggy or long- in my book that throws the proportions all off. Good luck.

Culotte 3

Shop here.

Scan 1


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