We were in Miami for Spring Break and a favorite stop while we’re in town is always the Perez Art Museum Miami (PAMM). The contemporary art museum originally opened in 1984, but has gone thru a series of name and location changes before ending up its current spot overlooking the Intercostal Waterway on the edge of downtown.  The new building (seen below) was designed by Swiss architect firm Herzog & de Neuron and overlooks a 20 acre Museum Park. The art museum shares this museum complex with a science museum, still under construction, but slated to open later this year. The architecture is amazing. There is a trellace cantilevered over the entire building, from which huge columns of plants hang- like a floating greenhouse.  The structure overlooks the Miami skyline on one side and the marina traffic of the Intercostal on the other.  With dozens of cruise ships and barges lined up to set sail in the nearby water, you can go for the view if you’re not into the art.



While the exhibits are ever -changing, this time my favorite was Matthew Ronay’s whimsical sculptures in the museums Projects Gallery (below). Made out of wood, clay, and fabric, his bright objects look like they just stepped out of a Pixar film and can only make you smile.



…And a few other pictures from the gallery. Including another favorite (immediately below) of Penelope Umbrico’s photo collage, made from 2,242 sunsets taken by the public and then downloaded to the public photo sharing platform, Flickr.





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