you won’t find this in fodors

I’m in New York and likely forgoing all those touristy things in search of the holy grail of fashion (okay, maybe a mild exaggeration). Let me explain…


I think you’ve heard me mention that the NY Times is my Sunday routine. Specifically, the Sunday Styles section and if we’re getting really, really technical I go straight to On the Street, a weekly photo collage of what’s trending on the streets of New York at any given time. This is the pulse of the city… more so perhaps than the runways of Bryant Park, as it showcases real clothes that real people wear.  The photo collage is faithfully curated by Bill Cunningham, the 83 year old NY Times Fashion writer who has been at his post for over 45 years and is a legend in the industry.  The originator of street-style photography, he rides a bike day and night, doesn’t own a TV, still uses 35 mm film and has a closet that consists of less than my weekly take to the dry cleaner. Cunningham prefers to stay behind the camera, however, and rarely do you read or see anything about his life…although I once saw him come across Derek Blasberg’s instagram feed (as if there is any other measure of notoriety).

This elusiveness is precisely why I was so curious to see the documentary about his life – Bill Cunningham New York. Available here and on Netflix, the film is newly watched by me, but not new…it came out in 2014. It was a fascinating story of a man devoted to his work and his craft. For anyone interested in fashion, photography, documentaries or journalism, this is a must watch. I’ve done my Bill Cunningham homework and hear that his favorite corner to snap pics is that of 57th and 5th, so I can assure you that’s where I’m currently camped out hoping to catch a glimpse of greatness.

Scan 1





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