Worthy of a target run

Today Target launches their new collection with Marimekko.  Are you familiar? Marimekko is a Finnish company based in Helsinki that is known for their bold colorful prints and fabric- mostly used in home furnishings and women’s clothing. They are probably best known for the red poppy print designed in the 60’s that seemed to be on everything in Crate and Barrel a few years back. Anyway, the Target collection includes everything from dishes to swimsuits to home decor in 20 patterns and 4 color themes. Below are a few of my favorites. How cute is that child’s rash guard/swimsuit combo on the top left? And I’ve ALWAYS wanted a paddle board…

Girl’s Rasher // Paddleboard // Chair

Bike // Women’s Rasher // Women’s Set

See you back here on Wednesday!

Scan 1




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