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In keeping with the resale theme lately, today I’m talking about the website, thredUp.  It’s an online marketplace with shoes, bags and clothes (kids, too) from a ton of different brands. I can’t lie, when I first checked out their site, I was a little overwhelmed. They have lots of inventory. Even when I filtered on my size and silhouette choice, there were still a million things to sort thru. Almost too many.

But I realized too late in the game that I was  shopping the site all wrong. Follow these steps for easier navigation: At the top menu bar, there’s an option to sort by designer. Check that box and it seriously limits the choices. And designer isn’t haute couture, we’re talking Rag and Bone and DVF type brands. If you don’t click that button you’ll get a lot of Old Navy, Merona, LOFT, etc. And at the risk of sounding like an enormous biatch, I’m not going to buy used Old Navy. Just not my thang. I stuck to browsing accessories and filtering by brands I already own so that I was most likely to buy something that fits.


Part of my hesitancy re: thrifting online is that you never know the condition of the item, how things are going to fit and, as with brick and mortar resale stores, a lot of stars have to align to find something you like and that comes in your size.  The stars aligned for me with this Loeffler Randall crossbody ($99) and All Saints top ($30). I can’t speak for every item, but my bag and shirt came in pristine condition. The thredUP website says that they accept less than 40% of items they receive, so I’m assuming the clothes go thru a lot of scrutiny before being listed on the site.


In the end, I think this is a good spot to start if you love a good deal and are skittish about buying from places like eBay. With thredUP, there’s no hassle of dealing with an auction, a third party has verified that the items are authentic and in good condition,  you can use a credit card, you know the seller is legit and can return your things (albeit for store credit) if you want.

Here are some favorites currently on thredUP. Oh, and if you use this link, get $10 off your purchase.

thredup5Thred up 3Thred Up 2Thredup

(why these images are small and vertical I don’t know!?!) Top to bottom:

Trina Turk Top $36.99

Diane Von Furstenberg Dress $79.99

Prada Wedges $97.49

Haltston Tote $136.99

Scan 1



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