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The MFA Thesis Exhibit runs thru July 24th at the Kemper Art Museum at Washington University in St. Louis.  There are installations, videos, sculpture and painting –  a little bit of something for everybody. But since I write this blog, here you get my highlights:

The inkjet prints of Holly McGraw. 48″ x 36″ each. The prints themselves are cool, but the striped walls they’re hung on that match the background of the photo make them even cooler. Pretty sure if you buy these, you’d also have to paint your walls to match.


This mixed media installation by Shirin Rastin entitled Memorial in Exile (only a highlight because it is so oddly reminiscent of this installation by Thom Browne that I saw last week at the Cooper Hewitt. Now you know what to do with all of your extra shoes.):


This stretch of wheat pastes, acrylic and glitter on canvas by Adam Turl. The pieces, when hung together, were over 25′ tall and came with an accompanying booklet (also part of the art) which placed arbitrary prices on each painting, thereby trying to elucidate the difference between “art as commodity” and “art as a spiritual object.” You are reading the wrong blog if you are looking for further explanation.


Adam Turl’s Red Mars in background, Caitlin Aasen’s dyed drywall panels in foreground.

And well, there was also this one, entitled Just the Tip, which made me remember that, after all,  I was visiting a college.


Scan 1



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