the subscription frenzy

I’m pretty sure you could package s#@! in a cute box, send it to people as part of a monthly subscription and they’d be lining up to buy. These monthly boxes are all the rage these days. Monthly jewelry! Monthly outfits! Monthly haircare! Monthly meals!  You can add Birch Box to that list. It’s not new, but new to me.  A monthly subscription box, which for $10/month, gives you a very pretty little box of sample-sized beauty products (hair, makeup, skin).

If it says anything about my review, my friend gave me a box to try months ago, and I am just getting around to opening it.  There is something about a sample-size anything that makes me fear using it. I have a pile of the stuff in my linen closet (from hotel stays, Kiehls counter visits, etc.) that I’m apparently saving for the apocalypse or maybe I intend to take with me to my grave. Not sure. It’s like I’m saving these teeny products for that just-right ocassion, then no occasion ever seems just-right enough. Its probably just me, so I’ll stop. But that’s why I never got around to using the Birch Box…until now.

Inside I found these little beauty goodies:


Cargo Eye Shadow Pallete

Dr. Lipp Miracle Balm – use on lips, cuticles, sunburn, you name it. kind of like a fancy A & D ointment.

Number 4 Lumiere driver Elixir and Repair Oil – smells amazing and makes hair soft and silky. This, I would buy.

theBalm cosmetics Stainiac – remember Benetint from Benefit? I think I used it in college and this reminds me of it. Fun to try once, but nothing I need to incorporate into my daily routine.

Wilma Schumann Skin Care Hydrating Collagen Eye Pads – (not pictured because I used them before I remembered to take a photo) I am not sure what I liked more about this product, that it helped my eyes or that you had to lay still for 20 minutes while you rested them under your eyes. With three kids, I never get a chance to do either, so this was a welcome change of pace.

I’m not about to subscribe to Birch Box anytime soon, but I had fun trying the stuff (my daughters did too). I LOVED the smell of the Number 4 Hair Oil and would consider getting it next time my Moroccan Oil runs out. And now that this blog has been written, everything will probably be relegated to the back of my linen closet for the foreseeable future.

If you’re interested, you can find more info about Birch Box here. And if you are in the market for travel-size anything for you next vacation, you know where to find me.

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