Green Air


Maybe you remember the last time I wrote from the Contemporary Art Museum (CAMSTL) ?  There was a living sculpture in their courtyard by New York designers, Nomad Studio. And now, Nomad studio is back with another living installation. This time, instead of on the ground, the plants are hanging from the museum’s trellis, mimicking the wavy shape of it’s predecessor. The installation is comprised of air plants –  real plants (that look like succulents to me) that can survive without water or soil…they live off of the oxygen in the air and receive enough water from rain and dew that is naturally occurring in nature.

There are approximately 2,000 of these plants that make up the work –  all suspended from wooden rods and fishing wire in a wave-like pattern that moves in the wind (or if your 3 year old runs by quickly enough). And keeping with Nomad Studios green theme, most of the plants and materials used in this new installation were also in the prior exhibit they had in this space.  It is on display until August 14th. So go visit, grab a coffee and take in the view.





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