Pillow Talk

I woke up this morning to an Instagram post from @theurbanspotter, showing Man Repeller’s Leandra Medine carrying a tasseled green velvet pillow (screen shot of my phone and the photo is below).


I didn’t think much of it, just another mark in the blogging icon’s avant garde fashion arsenal. But then I kept scrolling and saw other photos of fashionistas carrying said pillow as well. Green velvet. Tasseled. And littered with hand embroidered florals and animal images. No two seemingly alike. Hashtag Gucci. So it must be an enormous clutch and since it comes from the recently on-fire house of Gucci, led by Allesandro Michele, carrying a pillow-purse must be cool. (Duh). But after more sleuthing by moi, I noticed that folks in said photos were also carrying purses. And as much as I love fashion over function, carrying around an 18x18ish pillow isn’t exactly practical. So I made my kids breakfast and got to Googling. And indeed, they are Gucci, but not a purse at all. (Duh).  Consider them souvenirs, if you will, that were found on all Gucci Cruise ’17 fashion show attendee’s chairs. The show was held at Wesminster Abbey in London yesterday. These pillows quickly stole the show, as they became the accessory du jour being toted around the streets of London. If you want me to put this scenario in lay mans terms, it’s kind of like one of those orange wristbands one gets when they enter a club, then forget to take off upon leaving, so walk around with it on the rest of the day. I am assuming the clothes at Gucci were amazing too, given Michele’s track record, but that’ll have to be another post.

Pillow Gucci

Image courtesy : http://www.vogue.com

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5 thoughts on “Pillow Talk

    • Caradise Found says:

      Agree. Buuuut, I’d be happy to have gone and have one! I feel like the show is getting a ton of press about the location, too. How it was blasphemous to hold a runway show at Westminster Abbey, etc. All v. interesting. Have a good weekend!


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