team watermelon, thankyouverymuch

The summer of 2005 asked you to pick teams and it looked a little like this:


photo courtesy:

Summer of 2016 is similarly divided (at least in my mind) and until recently, was very one sided. This is what I’m talking about:

1 // 2 // 3

Pineapple fever. On shoes, on bags, on hats. They are everywhere. The fruit of the summer. I haven’t bought a single pineapple adorned article or accessory, because I feel like a grown adult wearing a pineapple-anything is just a slippery slope to wearing Lily Pulitzer. And well, not a path I need to travel down. So I passed. How did the pineapple become so cool anyway? They are hard to peal, impossible to carry because of their spiky shell and always get stuck in my teeth. Thanks but no thanks. I’ll continue to take my pineapple one way… store bought, pre-cut and blended into a pina colada.

But don’t think I’m above wearing fruit on my sleeve. It just needs to be the right fruit. For example, I stumbled across this watermelon tank last weekend and knew it was for me. Because if there is a fruit I don’t min reppin, it’s watermelon. The big green melon is a staple in my house,  where (are you sitting down?) we go thru 40 or 50 a summer. Some really hot days, it’s all I eat until dinner. But what’s not to love? Easy to cut and slice, it’s refreshing and healthy, and, well, looks great on team paraphernalia.


Sooooo. Are you Team Watermelon or Team Pineapple?

Scan 1




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