Etsy Faves: Home Edition

I can’t lie, I find Etsy very overwhelming. So much to sort thru, so many options, so many ways to search. But Instagram has changed that. I’ve found a ton of fun Etsy sellers via Instagram. Here you have some of my recent favorites for the home.



Weaving – love this in lieu of a painting

Felt Family portrait – Family photos are so LY, turn them into felt characters!

Lucite Frame – a cool framing alternative, buy these in a variety of sizes and then DIY. Gives the appearance of your photo or art being suspended in mid air.

Chandelier – this company makes a ton of fun lighting options in really great colors…yellow, turquoise… get creative!

Benches – you choose the fabric and these benches are sent to you- way cheaper than most retail outlets.

Press for Champagne – I thought this was only found at the The Montage Beverly Hills, but nope! Buy one for your house…or better, someone else’s…wouldn’t this make a fun housewarming or birthday gift?

Arrows – these colorful arrows are like sculptures for your walls.

Doormat – okay, maybe nothing I’m going to buy for myself anytime soon, but they make these in a ton of hilarious sayings, so are worth a look …like “See you next Tuesday”, the perfect gift for your Bachelorette bestie.

Scan 1

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