playing it close to the vest


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Fashion has done it again: made a subtle change that suddenly leaves everything I was wearing last season, seem so… last season.  My cross body bag is the latest victim of this fashion turnover. It started in the Spring, when I saw Jenna Lyons in a magazine, photographed with her purse across her chest. But instead of stopping somewhere around her hip, the bag was perched underneath her armpit, right along side her boobs, just above her waist. Looked kind of nerdy, but so were thick tortoise shell glasses at one time or another. And if it isn’t the length that’s got you hooked this season, what about those cool new straps?  Taking a cue from rock stars, the straps of today look more like they belong on a guitar rather than a purse….embroidered, studded, striped and thicker than those we wore last season.

Plus:  at the risk of showing my age here,  wearing my new purse with the shorter, thicker strap has proven to be easier on my back. With the center of gravity higher up, and less swinging and bum bumping than with a longer strap, there’s less stress on my lower back. In other words, what you spend on this new purse you might save on chiropractor bills…


From top:

1 // 2 // 3 // 4


1 // 2 // 3

(I especially love that one on the bottom right, it’s only $35, so you won’t lose sleep if next season you’re on to something else…and what about those straps? A fun, easy update to your existing cross-body.)

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