Paint for Peace


Whether you are from St. Louis or not, you’re probably aware of the shooting of Michael Brown- an unarmed black male in August 2014, in the Ferguson suburb of St. Louis. What ensued were weeks of rioting, protests and social unrest in Ferguson and nationwide. Regardless of your feelings about the situation itself, we can all probably agree that the looting and vandalism that plagued Ferguson after the incident were unfortunate and hurtful to the community. Businesses were ruined and parts of Ferguson  were left in shambles.



If there was any good to come out of this rubble, it was the St. Louis community coming together to rebuild. One such example are the murals that were painted on the boarded up storefronts and businesses following the riots. Created by amateurs and professional artists alike, these murals on the raw plywood became almost therapeutic to the community, as they promoted the need for peace, healing and unity.

A few of these murals (selected from over 100 that were created) are on display at COCA’s Millstone Gallery until October 30th. Other murals are on display at sites around the city, including the Missouri History Museum and the Sheldon Art Galleries.  A complete listing of sites is here.

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