Define Vintage.


My friend in college had this line… “It’s vintage” whenever she was complimented on an article of clothing that was very cheap or fake (her faux black Botega Venetta handbag comes to mind)  and then asked the proverbial “Where’s that from?” she would tell people that said item was vintage. “That response gives me an air of mystery and guarantees no further questions will be asked,” she would tease. It usually worked.

My definition of vintage is not too far removed. Usually overwhelmed by the sizing (or lack thereof) and smell of true vintage clothes,  the only vintage things I own are those pieces that have been passed down from my mom. Well… and this sherpa lined denim coat. Think 15 years with one owner qualifies as vintage? Does in my book, where I’m lucky if I like my clothes from one season to the next.  I found it on the clearance rack at a Saks in suburban Dallas and literally began jumping for joy at the sight because Jennifer Aniston had recently worn the same coat on Friends. It’s Earl Jean, which I’m pretty sure isn’t even made anymore, thereby upping its vintage cred.

Sorry for the run around. I tell you these stories because this Sherpa lined denim coat is popping up in stores everywhere.  I fished mine out of the basement and wore it last weekend, and every day since. Warm and fashionable.  But if anyone asks where I got it…

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Shirt // Tee // Jeans // Hat // BootsScan 1

In the interest of full disclosure, please note that Caradise Found is part of a few affiliate programs. What does that mean? Well, if you click on a link and make a purchase at that retailer, I will receive a (v. small) percentage of the sale.  All clothes and opinions are still my own!


2 thoughts on “Define Vintage.

  1. drea ranek says:

    great jacket!
    i have a closetful of ‘vintage lusso’ which is how i refer to anything someone asks me about that’s from lusso, but not this season. i almost feel bad telling people that, but at the same time, i love that i have all this great stuff in my closet from lusso that i’m still wearing!


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