There’s an app for that!


If you know me beyond what I write on this blog, you know that I am as tech-unsavvy as they come. So when I was asked by the Regional Arts Commission to download their app and share my finding with you on their Instagram page, I was reluctant at best. Instagram is the only app on my phone and usually my inability to remember my iTunes password prevents me from downloading others. Until now.

The Regional Arts Commission created an app, STL Arts, that is free and unbelievably easy to use. Sort by date or location to find whats going on in the arts – visual and performing – around St. Louis. Once you find something you like, just click to see the specifics: date, time, brief description, contact phone number and address. And the scope of events doesn’t stop at professional performances or shows. There are classes for both adults and children as well as drop-in workshops, live music and calls for submissions to art shows.

For example, did you know that tonight you can go learn how to English Country Dance (Jane Austen-style) at Focal Point in Maplewood at 7 pm? Or that there is a Stile Antico holiday concert happening at the Cathedral Basilica Wednesday night? Did you know about the Toy Group exhibit at the Museum of the Dog? Actually, did you even know there was a Museum of the Dog in St. Louis?  And, in case you forgot, the App would remind you that this Friday is a Free Friday at the St. Louis Art Museum, so if you aren’t a member it would be  a great time to take in Conflicts of Interest: Art and War in Modern Japan.

Most events found on the App are free and open to the public, but if you need a ticket to a show or event, there is a direct link to purchase them on the app.  Download the STL Arts App and start exploring the arts in a whole new way.  And don’t forget to follow along this week @regionalartscommission on Instagram, where you can see the gems I uncover in my own backyard!

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