lark skin co. – a gift for your skin


I am a sucker for cosmetics in cute packages. Call me what you will, but it definitely impacts my purchasing habits. And is also why I was immediately drawn to Lark Skin Co.’s booth at the Urban Chestnut Midtown market a few months ago. Bright, fresh, simple packaging caught my eye and then I was even more smitten once I met Lark Skin Co.’s  owner Lisa Dolan and heard her story –  how she wanted to create better, healthier skincare products once she had a child and began questioning the ingredients in the products and chemicals we use on our skin daily. The ingredients in Dolan’s line are all natural and organic and well, come in really cute packaging.

I tried this mask made out of moroccan clay and aloe geared toward sensitive aging skin (that’s me!). It’s a red powder to which you add a few drops of water to form a paste, then spread over your face and let sit for 10-15 minutes until dry. I took a photo of myself doing this, but will spare you the close ups … you would certainly never read this blog again. But trust me when I say that fifteen minutes later my skin felt so smooth and soft.

I’ve also been using their Beauty Potion. It’s a combination of reship, sati inch and a few other oils I can’t pronounce, but it gives my face a cool glow and much needed moisture this time of year. I use it at night as a moisturizer but also in the morning, by adding a few drops to my tinted moisturizer.


I waited a little bit to write this after using the products to make sure nothing crazy happened, like breakouts or irritation. Nothing has. I would say I have sensitive, combination skin and both products served me perfectly.

They have gift boxes that would make a great holiday gift, btw. OR, better yet,  just treat yourself this holiday season!

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