a christmas miracle, of sorts


If you’re still looking for somewhere to imbibe this weekend and live in one of 15 lucky cities around the world with a “Miracle” Holiday pop-up bar, I highly recommend you try it out. Started three years ago by famed bartender Nico de Soto of New York’s Mace, the pop up (open from the day after Thanksgiving until Christmas Eve) could only be found in NY. Until now. Cities like Montreal, LA, Washington D.C., Paris and Athens (Greece not Georgia) got in on the fun and are all serving up the same cocktail menu (created by de Soto himself) in cheesy Christmas mugs by Christmas sweater- clad servers until next Saturday. Then they close their doors until next year.

St. Louis is lucky to have landed one such “franchise,” dubbed the Miracle on Chouteau. It was opened by the same crew who own Planters House, which is right down the street. It serves tasty cocktails (I had the Yippee Ki Yay Mother F*****r! and  Jingle Ball Nog both of which were super tasty ) and is full of 70’s kitch decor. The bar is wrapped in santa paper, there are lights bedecking every bare surface and approx. 10 faux Christmas trees scattered about. It’s tacky-festive. (Are you Jewish and feeling left out reading this? Don’t! There’s also a Hanukkah section in the Miracle on Chouteau , with menorahs, white and blue lights and glittery dreidels to your hearts content).


The downside, if there is one, is that the wait averages 1-1.5 hours. So go early (they open at 4) or on a Sunday. Also, don’t go hungry because, well, the drinks are strong and the food offerings are light (think Chex Mix and Popcorn served in very small portions) .



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