New Year, New Me?


It’s a family tradition to make New Years Resolution’s for each other. Yes, it sometimes gets a little ugly, but… well, truth hurts. This year, my resolution, as recommended by my kids, is to “stop texting on your phone.” Which means that after my families suggested resolution of 2014, “Make more time for yourself,”  the pendulum must have swung too far. And my kids have a point.

It’s become a really bad habit and complete time suck that often looks a little like this: I check my e-mail and notice a new sale at J. Crew. Then I proceed to scroll through all 47 pages of mobile phone sized product to see if there is anything I need. Er, want. I’ll inevitably put a few things in my cart and never check out. It happens more than I care to admit and is an incredible waste of time. So for the last few weeks, I’ve taken to just leaving my phone behind when going places. Yes, kind of risky in this era of always being available, but I think it’s the only way to get me away from my screen. I have very little discipline, so if it’s there, I’ll look.

So that’s for my kids, and these are some resolutions I’m making for myself in 2017:

Make decisions faster. Or just make a decision at all. I think and think about something for weeks, months, and hem and haw and debate and discuss and then never come to a decision! We’re not talking about big life changing decisions here. It’s replacing the rug in our kitchen, what vacuum to buy, what I should make for dinner. You get the idea. It is also a major time suck. Decide and move on, Caradise!

Drink more water. I know the adage goes that you often eat when you are really only thirsty. I know I do this. Some days, I go right from coffee to wine, never sipping any clear liquid.

Stop biting my inner lip. It’s a horrible habit that I do when nervous or relaxed. It makes a goofy sound that drives my husband crazy, gives me a headache, and I’m pretty sure is causing premature wrinkles above my lip.

Have a party. Like, at my house. With just adults.

Create photo albums for my kids. I have roughly one million photos saved to the cloud, but zero printed out for my kids to see. When they stumble upon an old photo album (mostly just filled with pictures of my oldest) the kids love looking thru it. This is an overwhelming project, but not hard. I just have to make the time to do it.

What are your resolutions this year? Do you even make them? LMK, I’d love to hear and maybe add yours to my list!

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