Get the Look – Sketch

I came across this chair for sale at Urban Outfitters the other day and thought, “Not sure I’d put that in my house, but it sure does remind me of Sketch.” You might not know it by name, but you do by sight:


It’s London’s most photogenic restaurant, whose pink interior, plush seating and minimalist art make it a treat for the eyes, as well as the taste buds. Conceived by a Parisian Chef and an English restauranteur in 2002,  Sketch is actually five restaurants and bars that are spread across two floors of a converted 18-th century building in London’s Mayfair. The pink one above, that is the darling of Instagram, is technically called “The Gallery.”

Apparently the food is good, but to me, the interior design is where it’s at. India Mahdavi is the decorator and her love of color and whimsical furnishings are apparent everywhere throughout this destination for food, music, and art.  Some of her other projects are here:




Photos courtesy of

Working alongside Mahdavi’s design in The Gallery are 239 works by artist David Shrigley :



Images courtesy or Sketch.

This is the largest group of original drawings that Shrigley has ever exhibited. You can buy a Shrigley of your own here or below are some a little closer up.

Shrigley also designed the china in his trademark black and white style:



Images courtesy of Sketch.

Sooooo, if you aren’t headed to London anytime soon, buy the chair, maybe even a Shrigley, give your kids a Sharpie and your good china and #getthelook!

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4 thoughts on “Get the Look – Sketch

  1. carol gallo says:

    Again learned some fun, interesting facts from you. The visuals are great. Michael is going to London the first week of April so maybe he eats there for you!


  2. Carole says:

    Okay Caradise…why did you post that pink restaurant in London! Now I want to go back. No I NEED to go back. And the dollar is soooo good. Trip trip…


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