Truth hurts


You know that saying, “The best mirror is an old friend”? Well, I’m here to tell you it’s the truth. Because when I first wore this bomber jacket last Fall, my girlfriends ridiculed me to no end. I got everything from “You look like you should be serving sushi” to “Did you just leave the boxing ring?” to “Hi Mr. Miyagi.” Since there is nothing I like more than a good, honest opinion, my night was made.  And well, they did have a point. That night I wore this jacket with distressed denim, a white tee and sneakers. This time I opted for the skirt/sneaker option (…wonder if those gals like it any better now? Hmm…)



Bomber // Skirt // Shoes // Purse (similar) // Watch


The jacket is from Shein (that crazy cheap online store that ships straight from China) and cost less than $25 by the time I entered all the Promo codes, so if I don’t wear it often, I won’t feel too guilty.  And design of the coat aside, the makemanship is impressive, particularly given the price… it has lots of embroidery detail and is well made. So, what about you…. love it or loathe it?

Scan 1

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