Spring Cleaning … My face!


Fizzy Martinis from The Preston were served between spa sessions.

Smells are notorious for reminding me of different times in my life. Like … the smell of a fireplace reminds me of ski trips to New York as a kid; Angel perfume of my first job out of college because that’s what my officemate wore; Aquanet hairspray of dance recitals growing up. Same goes for Shampure,  Aveda’s everyday shampoo that my sophomore- year college roommate used religiously. Can’t use that stuff without thinking of her.  She actually turned me on to a bunch of Aveda products, which I used mainly because I loved their smell.

But turns out those smells that initially got me hooked on Aveda everything are more than just for ooh’s and ahh’s, as I learned last Tuesday night at the Aveda Salon & Spa in the Chase Hotel’s “Masks and Martinis,” an evening held for local bloggers. Along with fizzy martinis, hand massages and incredibly relaxing mini facials, we got to sit down with Aveda experts and talk shop.


Bloggers watch the Tulasara dry brush demo.

Aveda’s products are derived from plant oils (which I knew) but the great smells those produce also give their products therapeutic properties, similar to those found in essential oils (which I didn’t know). So, for example, that Aveda Hand Relief cream that I have and love, which is made of lavandin and eucalyptus?  The spa recommended using it right before bed– after rubbing the lotion over your hands and chest, take a few big breaths with your hands cupped over your nose and mouth, to increase the stimulation of your olfactory glands and get the full relaxation power out of the lavender scented cream.

The other cool take away from the evening? Something called a Tulasara Radiant Facial Dry Brush.  Here’s a closer look:


The Aveda Tulasara Radiant Facial Dry Brush 

Made and sold by Aveda, think of this little brush as a cross between a toothbrush and a Clarisonic. Softer bristles than a Clarisonic, but manually powered like your toothbrush (or at least mine), the Aveda spa recommends gently rubbing the brush over your face for a quick minute as part of your daily routine, then applying some moisturizing oil, the specific type depending on your skin tone and skin needs. The brush gently sloughs off the dead skin and stimulates new cell growth. Apparently, this is a daily ritual in India, and the basis for Aveda’s adoption of the brush into their line up. In India, people also use larger brushes to perform the routine over their entire body.  Kinda like a dry loofa, before you hop in the shower.  I tried it on the back of my hands and loved how it left them smooth and soft – ready to absorb oil or moisturizer, but not overly abrasive like some of the exfoliators I’ve used.

I am by no means a wholistic medicine gal. But I can totally appreciate the healing and beauty benefits of aromatherapy and massage. I walked away feeling refreshed and revitalized, my skin glowing from my facial. Pretty sure there’s also some healing properties in spending an evening drinking martinis with girlfriends …. but maybe that’s just me.

St. Louis readers: get in on the fun and book your salon service at the Aveda Salon and Spa at the Chase today. Use code RADIANT to receive 15% off your spa service —  the only stipulation, that you must book your appointment in March and schedule it for April. Call to make your appointment today! 314-633-3081. 


St. Louis Bloggers smile post-facial!

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