What to wear under that pantsuit

This era of political strife in our country has not come without some fashion repercussions. For example, I’m not sure I’ll ever wear a pantsuit again without thinking that I’m making some sort of political statement, and well, how could you miss the “pussyhats” that littered the Woman’s March in January? Of all the clothes that I’ve seen to promote women’s rights and show disdain for the current administration’s state of affairs, none have resonated as much as Lingua Franca’s cashmere sweaters embroidered with politically charged sayings like “we are all immigrants” or “i will not be silent.” Take a look at these:

The line was not originally created with politics in mind. Instead, it was started last year somewhat as a fluke, by Rachelle Hruska McPherson, who, bored and chilly in her Montauk digs, decided to hand embroider “booyah” in her cashmere sweater. After posting pictures of her creation on Instagram, calls came in from friends and strangers alike, asking McPherson for one of their own. Initially, most of the sweaters had rap lyrics embroidered on them, like “can’t fake the funk” or “till the break of dawn” or,  for you ICE-T fans, “original gangster.” However, in light of the current political climate, Franco became a little more anti-establishment with her newest creations.  Leonardo DiCaprio, Christy Turlington and Mark Wahlberg all got in on the fun, also apparently loving the juxtaposition of that imperfect embroidery on high-end cashmere sweaters.

There was such demand and hype, that now you can buy the sweaters at Saks in New York or the Waverly Inn if you find yourself in Montauk … OR, for us Midwesterners, snag yours on Net- A- Porter. Below are a few of my faves (… to get an anti-establishment one, as shown above, you’ll have to contact McPherson herself at info@linguafranca.nyc).

Old School     //       It’s All Good Baby Baby     //      Forever Ever?


In the interest of full disclosure, http://www.Caradisefound.com is part of a few affiliate programs, which means, that when you click on a shoppable link and then buy an item from that website, I receive a (v. v. small) commission on any sales. All clothing and ideas are still my own!

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