Merry Christmas Caradise


In a not-so-subtle-hint, my family got me a Claw for Christmas. Never heard of a Claw? It’s a flexible tripod that holds your cell phone and has a remote bluetooth shutter, so no need for amazon-like arms to get your whole self into your selfie. The gift got my husband and kids off the hook for taking Caradise photos and put the ball in my court. It’s honestly very easy to use, compact enough to fit into my purse, but will obviously take some practice to get the timing right, as I have a lot of pictures that look like this:



Awesome, right? The struggle is real my friends.

Anyway, here’s the dress I was trying to model. And yes, it’s basically the same one I posted a few weeks back. I’d ordered the same dress in two colors to see which I preferred, after urging from my mom who claims that “Red is a neutral, too, Cara.” What do you think? Are you Team Red or Team Black?  Guess you’ll just have to wait to see me around town to figure out which one I kept…I am sure the suspense is killing you.




Shop dress here and almost identical (on sale version!) here and here .

p.s. How ’bout that tree?!?

Scan 1

In the interest of full disclosure, is part of a few affiliate programs, which means, that when you click on a shoppable link and then buy an item from that website, I receive a (v. v. small) commission on any sales. All clothing and ideas are still my own!

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