Waging War With My Closet


Seems like I’m fighting with all of my tops lately. I tossed the bodysuit, am annoyed by my off-the-shoulders (remember this?) and now have yet another grievance for my closet. Flared sleeves. Bell sleeves, call them what you will. I call them a huge mess. Literally. Because I find that they gather little bits of everything  they come near: food at dinner, hand soap in the bathroom, even makeup as you’re getting ready. It’s like wearing a gigantic ladle on your wrists.  I think they look adorable and are a fun twist on the basic top, but when that bell gets too big? Buyer beware.

I bought this top at the Style Mafia Showroom when we were in Miami over Christmas break, but never blogged about it because it was sold out by the time I got to writing.  Now it’s not only in stock, but it’s also 20% off.  Shop it here.


Scan 1





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