Shop the Mall, Rediscover your Closet


You know that phrase, “Shop your closet?” Well, I’m horrible at it. A complete failure. Whenever I need an outfit for an event or a night out, my first inclination is to buy something new. It’s a problem. So the other day when I was shopping the mall, I kept running across wide leg striped pants in many of the stores I visited. It reminded me that a very similar pair lived in my closet. So instead of pulling out my wallet, I went home and found the pants. And this time, instead of pairing with my usual navy silk blouse, I mixed it up with another stripe on top. Admittedly, stripe on stripe might not be for everyone, but there’s no denying that a vertical stripe on your bottom half elongates even the shortest of legs. Below is Exhibit A:


My pants are Banana Republic LY, but here are some similar options for every budget:

$  //  $$  //  $$$


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