Blog Reading 101


I’ve had a few people come up to me after reading my blog and ask the craziest questions: Where was that shirt from that you were wearing in your post yesterday? How much did those dresses cost that you had on your blog last week? I thought it was intuitive that you can shop my looks by clicking on the labels below my photos, but I guess I was wrong. So I’m telling you now …. you can! This is a one stop blog. To help you less-advanced blog readers, I’m going to try typing links in a different color to let you know what words lead to products and/or other sites. Sound good?

Also, if you are on Instagram, you can shop some of my looks (those with a @liketoknowit tag) by signing up for Like to Know It here . Just enter your e-mail address and then whenever you like a photo, you will get shoppable links sent directly to your inbox.  And it isn’t just my Instagram photos, if you like another blogger’s Instagram image, you will receive their outfit details, too.



Anyways, there’s really no story about this outfit except that I found these shoes on super sale and thought I’d share. I love the details of the top, too … suppose you can’t go wrong with a sleeveless white blouse in your summer arsenal.


Here we go, ready for your first test?! Click the blue underlined words below to shop the items pictured above.

Top  //  Jeans // Shoes here and here on sale! // Clutch

Obviously, if you think this outfit is the ugliest thing since Celine Dion walked the Met Red Carpet last week (yep, also a link!) just delete this post and move along with your day.

Scan 1

p.s. In the interest of full disclosure, is part of a few affiliate programs. What that means? If you click on a link in my blog (some, but not all links are affiliate links) and then buy a product from that website, I will receive a very, very small commission for directing you there. All clothes and ideas are still my own!

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