Outfit or costume? A study in tonality.

My Senior year of college some friends threw a “Color Party.”  They invited a bunch of apartments to get together and every group had to come dressed in the color they were assigned. The group that drew the yellow card came dressed as Jaundice patients, complete with painted yellow skin, hospital gowns and arrived in a yellow cab. My apartment was pink. We donned dip-dyed cotton batting worn over white jeans in an attempt to resemble cotton candy. You get the gist. Soo, not sure if it’s a good or bad thing that the outfit below brought back memories of that party.

I’ve had this pink pleated skirt in my closet for a while now and always struggle with what to wear on top.  Black seems to harsh, chambray too casual, and white seems like a cop out.  Until one day I was reaching past said skirt for the pink vest you see pictured below. It was an ah-ha moment, as I realized I’d been overthinking it all along. Why not match? Blush on blush. Here’s proof that monotone need not be boring or make you feel like your visiting the Capitol dressed as Effie Trinket.


Some tips for keeping it tonal from head to toe:

  • The color of your top and bottom can be close, but need not be an exact match. In this case, the metallic sheen of my skirt is a good contrast to the matte finish of my vest.
  • Texturize- Mix up your fabrics, so that even if articles are the same color, they don’t come across as such. Wool with cotton, or in the case of this Zara skirt, flammable polyester with some sort of cotton blended vest (no one said this was a fancy blog).
  • Avoid long sleeves and long pants. Showing some skin somewhere will ensure you don’t head out the door looking like a crayon.
  • Separate with a belt to visually break up your one hue’d pallette.

Get the look:

1  //  2   //  3

Scan 1


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