LA DoubleJ, you have m’heart

Thought I’d make a public declaration of my newest brand obsession: LA DoubleJ. With vintage feeling prints and head to toe pattern, it seemed like the epitome of chic. Then I read their story and it became even chic-er. Hear me out:


“One Love” off the shoulder cotton dress

The brand was started by J.J. Martin, a journalist covering fashion for the NY Times, Harper’s Bazaar and The Wall Street Journal. Although an LA native, she was stationed in Milan and fell in love with the vintage pieces worn by the uber-stylish European women she was covering for her stories. As such, Martin also became quite good at curating these vintage, designer pieces favored by the European elite.

Inspired by their style and with her discerning eye for all things fashionable and vintage, Martin decided to start a business, reselling this vintage apparel (we’re not talking last season’s Prada – to qualify as “truly vintage” Martin would scour the streets for anything that was over 20 years old). She loved what she did, but realized it was a tough business to scale. Because the goods, specifically the good goods are just very few and far between. If you are lucky enough to find something that old, often the owner doesn’t want to part with it, or it’s in a condition that’s not resale-able.

Shorts //  Caftan  //  Skirt

So, in September 2015, Martin decided to create these vintage feeling pieces on her own. Partnering with famed Italian shop, Mantero Seta, a 145-year-old fabric manufacturer in Lake Como, she launched her line. There are ankle grazing skirts, off-the-shoulder dresses and even button downs, all made in the brands bright, 60’s inspired, colorful prints. The pieces made their stateside debut at a pop-up at Bergdorf Goodman earlier this year. You can buy the pieces on LA DoubleJ’s website or on Matches Fashion. Traditional sale channels are few and far between, but not by accident. Martin is aiming to keep the brand 90% direct-to-consumer and 10% wholesale. Which, if you ask me, makes the line a little more enticing in itself.

And they don’t limit themselves to womenswear. There are also accessories, children’s clothing and housewares. So, if you find yourself in Milan anytime soon, add LA DoubleJ to your itinerary. In the mean time, you can shop their goodies here.

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