Double duty dressing


I wore this dress to a college friend’s wedding last weekend in Chicago. It was in the pile to go to the dry cleaner because it was caked in dried sweat thanks to a late night dance session better suited to Spring break in South Padre (have I lost you yet?) but I decided to throw it BACK on for what would undoubtedly be a sweat- filled St. Louis evening (… in case you aren’t local, it hovers around 95 degrees with 100% humidity even at 7 pm).  We tried Lona’s Little Eats at the suggestion of my healthiest friend, The Better Have. And it didn’t disappoint. The food came fast, it had a great kids menu and offered up some ethnic, eclectic tastes ta boot.

As for my dress, it’s a keeper that can obviously be dressed up or down. Bonus points for the pockets and pink tassel detail. Shop it all below.


Sizes are spotty, but dress is here or here or here or here  (or if you happen to live in St. Louis and wear a size 10, I saw this same frock at Nordstrom Rack last week for a STEAL! // Shoes // Sunnies //


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