Target Does it Again (or not?)

In general, I am not one of those people who go to Target for 3 things and come out with 30. I have plenty of shopping vices, but when it comes to the discount retailer, I usually stick to what’s on my list. I haven’t always been that way, but after going a little crazy at the Missoni for Target launch and then crazy again at the Merrimeko for Target line, I realized the non-commodities I buy at Target usually go unworn and unused.

That cropped Missoni sweater I bought the Fall of 2011? Never even took off the tags.  After many failed attempts to make it fit into an ensemble, I finally gave up and carted it to Goodwill. Ditto for the black and white Merimeko cover up. Do they feel cheap once I get them home? Do I not want to wear them because everyone else is? Probably a little of both.

Then I got a flyer in the mail about A New Day, Target’s just-launched clothing line that is supposed to fill part of the void that Merona left behind.  The clothes were a little- wear to work for this SAHM, but I could appreciate the colors, fun patterns and barely-there price points. If nothing else, the advertisement got me to walk thru the clothing section of my Target store –  a section that I had largely ignored for the last few years.

Said trip only yielded one item (this dress below), even though at one point I also had this and this in my cart. It’s still unknown if the dress will ever see the outside of my closet, but if past performance is any indicator of future results, it’s not looking good.


Scan 1



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