A Fashionable Keyword Search


Whenever I’m on a website that’s a bit daunting, just due to the sheer volume of clothes to choose from, I resort to a keyword search. “Midi Dress” is a common one, but others might be “Ruffled,” “Distressed,” “High Waist” … all words that help narrow down the clothes that best fit my personal style and in turn save me a lot of scrolling.

Therefore, when tackling this particular website, where there are a TON of options, a key word search was in order.  I was in the market for a casual statement top, so typed in two of my favorite shirt characteristics as of late: “embroidery” and “stripes.”  Up popped this guy, which embodied both. Love at first sight.  Throw in the $29 price tag and things got a lot sweeter. I recommend you size up in this top (as with everything on the website, for that matter). I’m in a medium and could maybe even have used a large. Shop my shirt here



And to save you time, I’ve done a little edit for you. Some other favorites are below. Priced at for $22, $28, and $63 respectively. Can’t go wrong!

Frill Hem Sweatshirt  //  Midi Skirt   // Leopard Coat

Scan 1
SHEIN -Your Online Sexy Dresses

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