Caradise: The MacGyver of Fashion

Caradise images-7

(A special thanks to Phillip Hamer Photography for the images in this post!)

My friend was recently debating about what to wear for an upcoming event. She’d bought two jumpsuits: one with a bold floral print and one solid black. After little consternation, she decided to return the printed one and keep the black one, citing that she could only wear the floral one once or twice because people are bound to remember the print, whereas the black she could wear over and over without anyone paying it much heed.

Well, welcome to the dilemma that is my closet. It is a print convention filled with dresses and jumpsuits and blouses that not only must I remember where I wore them last but whom I was around. Heaven forbid I scare my friends with the same overbearing print more than once. It is complicated life I lead, trying to keep my prints and the company they keep as fresh as a Krispy Kreme donut.

So in an effort to get more life out of my wardrobe, I often take MacGyver -like measures to fashion new outfits out of old and trick my friends and family into thinking I’m wearing an entirely new article of clothing ( … bwah – ha – ha!). Here’s my latest: wearing this custom DEMESTIK wrap dress as a skirt (yes, the top is folded down around my hips), with THIS one shoulder top and Claire Flowers heels.

Caradise images-1

(… and in case you wanted proof, here is the dress in it’s entirety!)


Scan 1


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