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My friends have been known to (affectionately?) refer to my style as “Dropped on her head when she was a baby.” Aaaaaand I’m pretty sure this is what they’re referring to. It’s admittedly not for everyone. Exhibit A: Seeking approval from my photog the day I shot this look, I asked what she thought of my outfit. Her only response: “I like it, just maybe not all together.”

However, one of my philosophies with this blog has been to be less boring. Why take a picture of basic outfit? Yes, I could photograph a black sweater and jeans. Yes, that’s what I wear most days. BUT, that sort of outfit doesn’t really elicit exciting conversation, nor does it make for a fun photograph. So take this outfit as you will, wear all at once or wear separately. Or, I guess don’t wear it at all,  but keep reading because you think of this blog as the fashion equivalent of road kill … even though it’s bad, you just can’t look away.


Shirt is Milly and v. old but similar HERE // Skirt similar  HERE and HERE and HERE // Bag comes in a few colors, it’s HERE and HERE and HERE (all on sale!) // Shoes last seen here

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